Lima Permanente PEN10,000 - PEN11,000 per year Trabajo Remoto
  • Important Transnational company
  • Important company that works directly with the health industry.

Acerca de nuestro cliente

Important transnational company that works directly with the Health Industry, in continuous growth.


· Install, configure, and maintain SQL Server instances.

· Configure and administer high availability and disaster recovery solutions, such as Always on Availability Groups to ensure business continuity and data availability.

· Monitor database performance, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and proactively tune queries and configurations to ensure optimal performance.

· Apply patches and updates to SQL Server instances and other related software, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

· Deploy SQL scripts to multiple databases using 3rd party or custom tools.

· Debug and troubleshoot database issues and collaborate with development teams to resolve them.

· Automate routine database administration tasks using scripts.

· Regularly refresh lower environments with production database backups.

· Implement and maintain database security policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

· Develop and implement backup and restore strategies to protect data against loss or corruption and perform regular backups.

· Plan and execute database migrations to new hardware, software versions, or cloud platforms, and ensure data consistency and integrity during the migration process.

· Develop and maintain database documentation, including procedures, diagrams, and technical specifications, to facilitate knowledge sharing and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Perfil buscado (h/m)

· Experience in in Always on High Availability solutions and best practices. · Experience in SQL Server installation and configuration. · Experience in SQL Server security. · Experience in database backup, restore and recovery. · Experience in query tuning and optimization. · Experience in debugging and troubleshooting database issues. · Ability to apply patches and updates to SQL Server instances and other related software. · Knowledge of performance tuning techniques, including query optimization and indexing. · Experience in database maintenance tasks such as backups, restores, and recovery. · Ability to implement encryption for sensitive data. · Experience in database migration. · Strong documentation skills for documenting database architecture, configurations, and processes.

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EPS 100%

Indefinite contract

all the benefits by law

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Administrador de Base de Datos
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Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
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