Sales Manager

Lima Permanente PEN15,000 - PEN17,000
  • Develop and lead the company´s commercial strategies.
  • Lead the contact with clients and develop new businesses.

Acerca de nuestro cliente

Our client is an important international industrial company.


WithWith a directdirect reportreport toto thethe Regional Sales VPVP, thethe mainmain functionsfunctions ofof thisthis positionposition willwill be:

  • ResponsibleResponsible forfor performanceperformance ofof productsproducts, reportsreports, claimsclaims andand responsibleresponsible forfor issueissue resolutionresolution processprocess.

  • SellSell andand negotiatenegotiate productsproducts portfolioportfolio, accordingaccording toto rules andand processesprocesses ofof thethe CompanyCompany.

  • Plan customercustomer contactscontacts, visitsvisits andand promotionspromotions.

  • CoordinateCoordinate andand analyzeanalyze marketmarket andand competitorcompetitor informationinformation, provideprovide forecastsforecasts andand reportreport toto relevantrelevant stakeholdersstakeholders.

  • EstablishEstablish businessbusiness developmentdevelopment plan/strategystrategy andand implementimplement.

Perfil buscado (h/m)

We are searching for a candidate with passion for the industrial sector and sales. With more than XX years of experience in sales positions in the industrial sector, specifically having commercial relations with the bottling industry. Is essential that all candidates have an advanced level of english.

Qué Ofrecemos

We offer to be part of a leading international industrial company.

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